Sonam Kapoor Slams Netizen For Hatred Message


Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor has been a constant target of trolls for being a star kid. But, the actress is also known for her befitting replies to the trolls.

Recently, A woman influencer in the USA messaged Sonam addressing her as a pure product of nepotism and said that Sonam doesn’t even know how to act.

“You think your husband is hot? I think you should look at him once more cuz he is the ugliest,” the woman wrote.

Sonam lost her cool when the woman called her husband Anand ‘the ugliest’. She shared the screenshot in her Instagram story and slammed the netizen for her hatred message.

She tagged the netizen and wrote, “I hope you get followers through this post, as I know that’s what you wanted by my attention. This girl is an influencer in America and is saying the most vile things to me. Is this how people’s minds really work? It’s awful and painful to hear things like this. to carry so much hate in their hearts must really damage them.”