Two Happening Small Films To Release Directly On OTT


The on-going pandemic has left us all in a crisis. The demand for content on TV, OTTs has surged double the need and all the platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Hotstar are desperately adding content to help their audience.

In Bollywood, almost all the small films and few biggies have been released on OTT recently. The sudden lockdown has left the producers of the film just with one option and that is- sell it to OTT! Recently the OTT platforms are just upping the game in Tollywood too.

The latest news tells that if the unlock procedure takes time, talk is that movies will be lined up to OTTs only on exclusive rights and negotiations. Till date Sai Tej’s ‘Solo Bathuke So Better’ and ‘Orey Bujjiga’ have sealed the deal with Zee5 app and will have direct OTT releases any time soon. Only official announcement remains said the sources.