Pick the right soap for your skin


Pick-the-right-soap-for-youBathing with extremely hot water and strong soaps strip the skin of its natural moisture. This winter, choose from these moisturising bathing bars that will enrich your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Avoid taking hot water baths for more than 10 minutes.Ensure you are using only lukewarm water.

To avoid damage to the skin, opt for highquality soaps that moisturise your skin.Use scrubs sparingly.

Moisturising additives like cleansers and skin conditioners are also useful, as they replace the layer of oil on the skin as you emerge from your bath. They contain oils and various humectants that help retain moisture in the skin.

Instead of rubbing your skin with the towel, pat dry after a bath and moisturise immediately.

If your skin is severely dry, use soap-free cleansers.

Inputs by dermatologist Dr Aakriti Mehra