Why Vastu Shastra says sleeping with your head in the north is bad


sleeping-with-your-head-in-In Vastu Shastra there is a belief that a person should not sleep with their head facing the North. While some of us believe what the ancient science tells us blindly, there are those who ask for scientific proof. So, to help you understand the science behind the rules of Vastu Shastra, here is are five scientific reasons for not lying with your head facing the North:

Why is it bad?

According to Vastu Shahstra people who sleep with their head facing the North often experience a headache, disturbed sleep, high blood pressure, palpitations, mood swings and are generally irritable when they wake up. Wondering why this happens? Well, it has a lot to do with the way your brain and heart functions.

Here’s why:

1. Your body functions on electrical impulses:
When we think about something, walk, workout or even do something as involuntary as breathing, it is all done with the help of nervous impulses coursing through our body. How it works is that our brain sends signals through nerves to various organs or parts of our body to perform a function through electrical impulses. This function then takes place with another series of electrical impulses and chemical reactions. Now, we all know that when electric charge passes through a conductor  or wire (in this case our nerves) it leads to the production or a magnetic field – in essence making our body a weak magnet. Considering our head as the main centre of nervous impulses it becomes our very own North Pole!

So how does your sleeping position affect your brain? Well, the earth has its own magnetic field (that travels from the North Pole to the South Pole) making it a magnet as well. Now, when similar poles of a two magnets are kept together they repel. The same way when our head faces the North as we sleep, it faces repulsion from the North Pole of the earth leading to disturbances in sleep and bodily functions.

2.  There is a disruption of our magnetic field:  Our body’s magnetic field is highly studied field that is known as the magnetic field theory. This theory states that our body’s magnetic field (due to the passage of electric charge through our nerves and brain) creates a magnetic field around our body that roughly starts from our head and ends at our toes. This then courses through our body to again leave through the head. Now when we sleep with our heads in the North (for about six to eight hours in a day) the innumerable chemical reactions and large amount of electron transfer taking place in our body (that generates a weak magnetic field) get affected leading to a slow and steady alteration in the way our body functions. Affecting your sleep patterns, changing your sleep cycle and making you irritable and moody.