Kangana Complains About Rapid Reduction Of Followers On Twitter!


National award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut is becoming more famous for her controversial statements rather than her movies these days. He is recently worrying about her followers count on Twitter getting reduced rapidly. Kangana tweeted that her followers are getting reduced by at least 40-50K every day. Kangana’s sister was angry with Twitter and made some tweets against the social media site a few days back. Later Kangana made her entry on Twitter and she reached one million followers.

Now, she is concerned that her followers are becoming less with each passing day. Though she claims that new followers are coming by, people who unfollow her are increasing these days. She made this tweet by tagging the Twitter India page which is now becoming viral.

As we know, Kangana is the first one to jump into any type of controversial and make bold remarks on the bigwigs of Bollywood. She often accuses the big personalities of suppressing talent and criticizes nepotism. She even targets some of them and states that they use drugs. These types of controversial statements all the time may not go well with everybody which is why her following is going down on Twitter as per experts.