Raashi Flaunts Her Perfectly Toned Abs!


Adorable actress Raashi Khanna is always known her cute and bubbly looks. Despite appearing in glamorous roles from time to time, Raashi Khanna never got stamped as a heroine known for skin show.

She used to be a bit chubby during the initial stages of her career which made her look lovely but she decided to get into a slim look and worked very hard to achieve it. What is the use of spending so many hours in the gym if you can’t show it off?

That is why Raashi recently posted a mirror selfie where she flaunts her perfectly toned abs and slim figure quite confidently. Dressed in a tight black gym outfit, Raashi is just stunning and definitely makes your heart skip a beat.

She even wrote ‘#4amclub’ proving that she is up by 4 in the morning to sweat it out in the gym which explains her dedication. Isn’t she amazing? What do you think?