Upasana Feels Guilty After Reading Sam’s Articles!


A few days back star actress Samantha and successful entrepreneur Upasana Kamineni came together for the latter’s health website. They bonded over the health care and making people better with healthy diet and regular workouts thereby developing a positive strength.

Upasana’s website ‘URLife’ informs about all the things required to lead a healthy life and Samantha became a guest writer and editor recently. Sam in her column, shared a lot of interesting facts alogn with do’s and don’ts of arm workout, weight lifting and even a plant-based diet.

Recently, Upasana took to social media and shared a picture of herself reading Sam’s articles and admits that she feels guilty as hell. She wrote, ” Reality ! That’s me reading sam’s articles on nutrition for @urlife.co.in & feeling guilty as hell. In my defence : Healthy living is a journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. @samantharuthprabhuoffl Inspired by ur approach towards a plant based diet will get there someday. #vegan.”