7 Folate rich foods for pregnant wome


oranges-AvocadoA pregnant woman’s diet must contain all the essential vitamins and minerals required to help the growth of the foetus. Care should also be taken so that her diet does not contain any harmful substances like mercury or substances that she is allergic to. One of the main nutrients required by a pregnant woman is folic acid.

Women in general must have folate rich food and especially during pregnancy. Folic acid helps in proper brain development of the baby and prevents neural tube defects. Folic acid also helps in production of DNA and red blood cells.


Folic acid may be incorporated in a pregnant woman’s diet by means of multivitamin tablets or by eating folate rich foods. Below we list 7 folate rich foods in pregnancy diet.


Handy in carrying around in your hand bag, oranges are folate rich foods that can act as quite healthy snacks in the pregnancy diet. They will also provide quick energy to the body due to the presence of vitamin C. If you do not like to eat orange directly, you can sprinkle to a salad or to other recipes.


The word folate is derived from foliage referring to leafy green vegetables like spinach that are packed with this vitamin. So, spinach and other leafy green vegetables like collard and kale are among important folate rich foods in pregnancy diet.


Eggs are another example of folate rich foods that are a must during pregnancy. Eggs are also high in other nutrients like calcium and iron. These are best consumed hard boiled since under cooked or raw eggs are not good for a pregnancy diet. Make sure that the eggs you buy are pasteurised.


This is a nutrient rich super food, which will provide a boost in the folate intake in pregnancy. These folate rich foods in pregnancy diet are also high in beta carotene, calcium, iron and are filled with fibre. This is a cruciferous vegetable that also contains vitamin C.


A very good example of folate rich foods, the nutrients in asparagus are best absorbed when it is consumed as steamed vegetable. There are several recipes you can try with asparagus to tempt your pregnancy palate. These also contain other essential nutrients required by a pregnant woman.


This fruit is among folate rich foods that must be included in the pregnancy diet. They also contain otcruciferousher essential nutrients for pregnancy like omega 3 fatty acids. These healthy fats are required for the baby’s developing brain. Salmon and walnuts also contain similar nutrients.


Cooked lentils are a good choice for folate rich foods in pregnancy diet. Dried lentils are easier to cook and it also contains other nutrients that are essential in pregnancy like iron and fibre. They also contain a lot of slow burning carbohydrates, which will provide constant energy.