Reasons Why Women Like Tall Men


tall-men-romanceWomen fantasy is always to date a guy who is tall, dark and handsome coming out right from a Mills & Boons novel. There are some women who are not specific with the height of men but many women still prefer to date tall men. Is it the mindset of women since years?

This question is asked by men as they do not know why women like taller men. In this article, we will try to bring out certain reasons stating why women like tall men. These are just generalised views and reasons for women who prefer tall men.


The Caring Quotient For a woman, it is necessary to feel care physically with a touch, hug or something similar. This is why women prefer tall men. When a tall man hugs a woman he can hold her firm and she can confide in him. The touch or the hug all seem to be in a such a way that women feel that they are small kids being pampered and cared by men. This particular feeling is observed in men having heights taller than women. Therefore, many women prefer men who are at least an inch or two taller than themselves.

The Secure Feeling A man who is taller than you definitely makes you feel comfortable and secure to some extent than the one who is short. Tall men resemble masculinity to women and women prefer tall men because they feel the taller ones would keep them safer than the shorter ones. Though this is a little biased on the point of view of the women but it is a general thought many women have. And therefore, this is a reason why women like tall men better than the shorter ones. The feeling of security and safe is something every woman wants to feel with their date. And tall men make them feel that way.

Personality It is a common belief that a man with a good personality should have a good height. This is a myth but it is true to some extent. Men with a good height do have a better personality than the ones who are shorter. There are great examples as exceptions to this. But there are many examples of men who have a good height and a great personality like Amitabh Bachchan. The attraction towards taller men is mainly because they have a better personality.

The physical aspect does not matter in the initial stage but it does make a difference in the relationship. Taller men are supposedly better in bed than the shorter ones. This is also one reason why women like tall men or why women prefer tall men. The one who is good in bed romance can easily make any woman happy and keep her satisfied. Therefore, women are more attracted to taller men.