Kangana To Reveals More About Some Biggies In The Coming Days!


Talented actress Kangana Ranaut is known to be a fire brand and a rebel who doesn’t hesitate to point out the flaws in the film industry. She has been in the news from the last couple of weeks due to the allegations she made on Bollywood, Mumbai police and the Shiv Sena government. Kangana entered Mumbai yesterday under high security and amidst huge drama.

Her office has been demolished by the Shiv Sena people as she stated that the government is hiding big names and trying to save them in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. She claims that she is not a person who backs out and even made a sensation by saying that she will expose many Bollywood biggies who are behind the drugs business and underworld mafia.

People are saying that Kangana is a fighter who never gives up no matter how tough the situations are. It is looking like she is battling alone but experts claim that there is some force behind her. We need to wait and see what storm Kangana creates in the coming few weeks.