Kumari Reveals Her Curvy Assets


Actors get huge craze with one good film. If they pick good films they sustain the journey, if not they are doomed. The present day actors of ‘RX 100’ are facing the same issue and they are lurking in series of flops.

Recently this was the same situation with Hebah Patel who shot to fame with Kumari 21 F and faded out with bad films that came her way and degraded to an item girl roles in Tollywood.

Now the actress is just setting fire on her social media pages to get in the eyes of filmmakers and producers. Her latest picture showing her toned thighs is just eye grabbing and her white shirt reveals all her curvy assets transparently. Wonder how this beauty makes it a shot in the comeback!

The actors are pitying her situation but now she is said to have grabbed two hot content series on Netflix. Now movie lovers get a chance to see the beauty in super hot roles in these two series and some how she gets work!

Wonder how the Netflix offers shape Hebah Patel’s future journey!