Ram Charan Garners One Million Followers In A Record Time


Not to mention specifically how powerful social media is these days. The social media has emerged as a great source for celebrities to share their activities and movie updates. Along with sharing their personal matters, the actors have the advantage of getting closer to their fans and followers.

Recently, Ram Charan set a record on Twitter by reaching 1 million followers in a very short time. Let’s see how long it took for the rest of the heroes to reach the One million mark.

Ram Charan occupies the first place as he took only 233 days to reach 1 million followers. He joined the social platform on March 27, 2020. Charan is the only actor to bag this record after Superstar Rajinikanth in South India. He currently has 1 million followers on his account.

Stylish star Allu Arjun is in the second place as he took 588 days to reach one million followers. He is followed by Pawan Kalyan with 834 days for his account to have 1 million followers.

Mahesh Babu is on the fourth spot. It took him 1697 days to reach the million mark in his account. Now Mahesh has 10 million followers on his account. Notably, he is the only actor in south India to cross 10 Million followers.