‘Seethayanam’: Trailer Talk


There are many interesting films coming up in Tollywood these days and here is a recent addition. Titled as ‘Seethayanam’, this movie’s trailer has been released and it promises to be a racy action flick.

‘Seethayanam’ introduces Akshith Shashikumar as the hero and we can see him in a complete action mode in this trailer. It is packed with slick action, high-octane chase sequences. The visual look good and the teaser cut deserves a special mention as it is crisp. It keeps you hooked and the film is expected to be the hero’s battle with a villain who he doesn’t know.

This film is presented by Rohan Bharadwaj under ‘Color Clouds Entertainments’ banner. Produced by Lalitha Rajyalakshmi, ‘Seethayanam’ is written and directed by Prabhakar Aaripaka. The film promises to satisfy the action lovers and if it has a strong story, the film definitely has all the elements to impress the audience. The release date of this film is yet to be announced.