‘Vidyarthi’ Movie Teaser Talk


Caste is one of the few sensitive subjects that our filmmakers carefully avoid in order to stay away from controversies. This differences in between castes is something that needs to be addressed on public platforms. Director Madhu Madasu is daring enough to bring up the topic of the caste system in our country with his upcoming film ‘Vidyarthi’. The teaser of this flick has released recently.

Chetham Cheenu who is known for his work in ‘Raaju Gaari Gadhi’ is playing the lead role of a student who falls in love with an upper-caste girl. The situations and atrocities he faced to win his love is the story. The film looks like a serious action film with some hard-hitting dialogues.

This film is likely to come out during Dusshera and we don’t know on which platform. We need to see if the makers pull this serious subject off convincingly without sounding too preachy. Alla Venkat is producing ‘Vidyarthi’ while Bulganin is the music composer. The film is based n true incidents as per the makers.