Best Foods for Healthy Heart


Oats-YogurtThese foods are known to be filled with nutrients that keep your cardiovascular system protected and immunity strong

Oats: Starting your day with a healthy bowl of oats is often recommended by dieticians. Not only is it rich in fibre, it is also known to keep the arteries clear.

Yogurt: Research shows that yogurt not only improves digestion but also boosts immunity. Though not a foolproof cure-all food, it is known to improve ones heart health.

Olive oil: Using olive oil instead of butter or regular oil in your diet can go a long way in giving you a long and healthy life. Olive oil reduces risk of heart disease and is also known to lower bad LDL cholesterol.

Fish: Consuming fish or salmon once or twice a week is known to be good for one’s vascular health. It can lower blood pressure and prevent irregular heartbeat.

Spinach: Upping your intake of this green vegetable is sure to give your heart and immunity a boost. Its rich store of fibre and potassium is known to greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.