Chi Lin


chilinThe Chi Lin is a mythical animal or a Chinese Unicorn.  It is also known as a Dragon Horse since it Has the head of a dragon and the body of horse.

The Chi Lin is a fantastic symbol of prosperity, success, longevity, illustrious offspring, etc.  it brings Sons. It is associated with the He-to square which is used in advanced Feng Shui.

The Chi Lin Is supposed to have emerged from the yellow river with the mystical map on its back.  It is said to have magical qualities.

The presence of the Chi Lin attracts the cosmic breath of the dragon,  which brings a lot of Good fortune with it.

The dragon horse can be displayed in the in the house in the living  Room near the vicinity of the main door. But it should not face the main door directly the chi Lin is  very lucky for those wanting promotions Or advancements in their careers.

It also very fortunate for those working in the military, since the Chi Lin is a symbol of the first rank military official.

It is considered very auspicious to display The Chi Lin at the workplace.  It can be placed on the office desk to enhance prosperity.

The Chi Lin is also used a cure for some flying star afflictions.

The Chi Lin should be made of Brass and should be placed in pairs.