Exercises to Tone Waist


A well-shaped waistline can be a real treat to the eyes. Women die for a figure that has a curvaceous and well-toned waistline. However, few disruptions like love handles can break the dream. Love handles are the fat deposits on the waistline. While a small amount of love handles looks sexy as they tone your waist and lower body, love handles that gets heavy looks more like fat.

Getting rid of love handles is really tricky as reducing weight from this place is very difficult. However, abs workout and few exercises can help tone your waistline and get rid of love handles. For example, kettlebell workout is effective for reducing love handles naturally. Kettlebell exercises builds strength and endurance especially in the lower back, legs and shoulders. If you desire for a slim and curvaceous waist, then try these exercises.

Exercises to tone waistline:

Side ups: This is an effective exercise that helps burn fat deposits from the waistline and shapes it. Side ups also tones the shoulders and hand muscles.

The Russian twist: This twisting exercise helps tone the waistline especially on the sides. The jumps also leads to overall weight loss.

Criss-cross crunches:
It is one of the easiest exercises that helps tone the waistline and shape the upper body. This exercise also helps in getting flat abs. Criss-cross crunches are effective for reducing back and shoulder pain.

Single leg squats:
Apart from overall weight loss, this exercise tones the waist, legs, inner thighs and strengthens leg muscles. Bending on one leg at a time increases strength of the leg and strengthens the leg muscles.

This is one of the easiest and effective exercises that is helpful in toning your waistline and legs. Cycling focuses on stomach, pelvic muscles, inner thighs and leg muscles. It is also good for the heart as cycling increases heart beat rate and blood circulation in the body. Moreover, cycling is the best exercise to burn body fat deposits. These are few simple yet effective exercises that can help tone the waist and shape it to perfection. Follow a low fat diet to get best results easily!