Facts And Myths About Homosexuality


HomosexualityThere are some strange facts and myths about homosexuality which might stun you completely. If you are a lesbian or a gay and in a serious relationship, we advice you to be brave and confront this trivial time when the whole world seems to be against you. Yes, it is your right to come out of the closet and to live life freely choosing whom to love.

People who are narrow minded, usually have the wrong perception about the lesbian and gay relationship. Those who are against it often find this kind of a relationship to be weird and disgusting too. However, living in a society where education moulds most of us, we should be more welcoming to the choice of people’s rights and their perceptions of life.

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For many of you who do not know the real value of a lesbian or gay relationship, should now open their eyes and get rid of those myths about homosexuality while replacing it with some facts.

Take a look at some of the facts and myths about homosexuality:

Homosexuality is a mental disorder

When the issue of homosexuality came into existence, many believed it was a mental disorder and this was a fact, then. But, today it is nothing more than a myth about homosexuals being mentally ill, just because they have a liking towards the same gender.

Homosexuals can be changed?

Just because you are this way, loved ones around you who are not for the relationship tend to change you to be straight. But, no matter what, homosexuality cannot be changed and this is a fact.

Homosexuals are bad parents

One myth about homosexuality is that they are bad parents when it comes to bringing up children. This is one of the main causes why adoption centres prefer not to let homosexuals adopt kids.

Being homosexual is a choice

There is no scientific evidence to say you can choose whether to be homosexual or heterosexual. If you are a homosexual it is just the way you feel inside of you and way you were born to be.

They can turn others too

One of the most common myths about homosexuals is that they turn their friends and close ones to be just like them. This is also one of the main reasons why some people fear being friends with a homosexual.

The homosexual disease

Were you aware that homosexuality had a disease – AIDS. There are a lot of people who feel that it is homosexuals who increase the number of AIDS patients all around the world. which is a myth. AIDS is also prevalent among ‘straight’ couples. These are some of the facts and myths about homosexuality which should be out to rest.