First-Time Fathers, here are some tips


First-Time-FathersHyderabad: As soon as the ‘good news’ has been delivered, it can take be pretty daunting to understand the responsibilities involved. Your partner carried the baby for 9 months, being a new father can be stressful as well, and we bring you tips for all you first-time fathers out there.

Learn the art of Time Management. Many organisations have policies that allow paternity leave. Even after one rejoins work, one has to divide his 24 hours so as to be there for the baby and the mother – as well as get some rest.

Care of your baby is not just her department. Persevere with the details of parenting skills and in time you will learn the differences between the baby crying because it is hungry and crying because its time to change the nappy.

The tip is to learn from each other the techniques put the baby to sleep, how to give a bath – and how to make him smile!

Although being a father for the first time can make you feel both insecure as well overjoyed – all your fears and doubts will vanish when your baby smiles at you for the first time, or gurgles, “Pa-pa!”