Your hair product to blame for hair loss


hair-lossWe all wish for long, thick, smooth, shiny and luscious locks. But if we have grown up with unmanageable and rough hair then we get fooled with various TV commercial, which promise to provide amazing hair.

We get carried away and try several hair products just to get that perfect look with luscious locks.

The truth is that all of us go through bad hair day or maybe bad hair weeks or months due various unhealthy lifestyle habits.

According to Dr. D.M. Mahajan – Dermatologist at Apollo Hospital, Delhi says, “Hair problems are becoming common these days and we have noticed an increase of 10-12 percent in patients coming with such problems every year. Similarly, the demand for hair transplants has also increased over the last five years,”

There are various types of hair problems like hair fall, hair thinning, baldness, dandruff etc. On the basis of the age and gender, some hair problems are very common.

One of the biggest hair problem faced by many women and young males is hair loss. Dandruff stands seconds. The main causes for this problem can be climate, water, soap, shampoo and food, says – Dr. Mohan Thomas – Cosmetic Surgeon at Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai.

He further adds – men suffer from hair loss at an earlier and the hair loss usually starts as early as in their 20’s. The reason for hair loss can be bad lifestyle, poor diet, pollution and genes, but stress is one of the biggest culprits behind hair problems.

Dr Mahajan says – “Hair is the fastest growing organ in the human body but has less stability. So when there is a change in season, or an exam coming up, it is generally accompanied with hair loss. Plus, there are other factors, like not enough exposure to sun and vitamin D deficiency, peer pressure or anxiety.”

Whereas, Dr. Nitin Walia – Dermatology Consultant at Max Hospital, Delhi says – the reason for hair loss in women can menopause, hormonal imbalance, post pregnancy and menstrual cycle.

To prevent hair problems among both the sexes, it is important that awareness is created at an early age, so that timely detection can prevent from major problems. Besides, random use of hair care products should be avoided.

Everyone should give a second thought before, trying any hair product on your locks. Even if it’s a home therapy by your hairdresser, rethink before using it. Instead of trying hair care products, go in for a medical analysis to treat your hair problems.

Dr. Thomas says – people should use medicated products only under a doctor’s prescription. Shampoos should ideally have a pH of 4.5-5; otherwise it makes your hair alkaline and dry. Besides, treat dandruff and boils on the scalp, to avoid later hair loss.