Key to successful slimming is eating


healthy-womenToday, a lot of people across the world want to lose weight, not only to look good but also be healthier.

Worldwide, weight loss is one of the most dominant conversations and with obesity becoming a rampant disease, it no doubted also the need of the hour.Due to high levels of stress and lack of patience, everyone wants instant results. People hesitate to join a weight loss program because they do not want to starve, do not like strenuous workouts and find it difficult to follow a conventional weight loss program.

Easy, fast and instant are buzzwords amongst people with hectic lifestyles especially when they want to reduce weight. But permanent weight loss calls for a long term commitment.

The healthiest way to lose weight is neither crash diets nor bursts of exercise. Weight loss through crash diets and liquid diets cannot be sustained and may cause fatigue, irritability and hair loss. A healthy and sustainable weight loss calls for healthy and balanced eating.

For people who want to reduce weight, it is important to change one’s food habits and eat the right things at the right times.

A well balanced, nutritious diet is extremely important. Food plays a very important role in losing weight. The key is to understand your body requirements and plan your meals accordingly. One must consume low fat, high fibre food and have frequent but controlled meals.

A dietician or nutritionist will guide you through daily food plans which will help you lose weight and not remain hungry. The key to successful slimming is, therefore, eating! Eating a low calorie, high fibre, balanced diet without any starvation, hunger pangs and no long gaps.