How Mobiles Are Affecting Your Health


phones-effect-your-healthMobile phones have revolutionized the world. It has literally shrunk the universe, and has brought human race more closer than it was even possible to imagine a 150 years or so ago. The importance of the cell phones can’t be denied at all. But like every other invention, this one has its pros and cons too. And it’s important to know how mobiles affect our health, as we are exposed to them for such a long duration of time.

One should know that Radio Frequency (RF) radiations are emitted by mobile phones, even when they are in stand-by mode. These RF radiations are of two types: 1) Ionizing, (2) Non-Ionizing. Non-Ionizing is the one with lower frequency and less powerful of the two, and is the one emitted from the mobiles. This means your brain is being constantly cooked by these radiations.


Let us go through a few points that would give us an insight on the harmful effects of mobile phones and the various ways in which mobiles affect our health:

1) Does every little sound make you feel that your cell just vibrated, and you end up checking your mobile every few minutes? Then you may be suffering from ‘Ringxiety’. It’s a term often associated with people addicted to cell phones.

2) Though nothing has been proven yet, but it’s being speculated that mobile phones can lead to brain cancer. The constant radiations emitted, leading to increase in temperature of brain tissues, is said to be the cause.

3) Stress is another harmful effects of mobile phones. You are constantly accessible 24*7 on your mobiles and hence there is hardly any chance to relax. No peace of mind is another negative ways in which mobiles affect our health.

4) Constant exposure to mobile phones leads to lack of concentration. That is one of the major reasons why driving while using cell phones is banned in may countries.By using mobile phones while driving, one is not only risking one’s own life but also putting the life of others at stake.

5) Another harmful effects of mobile phones is, it leads to hearing impairment. The inner walls of ears are very delicate. Hence, constant exposure of these delicate walls to the long calls can even lead to partial deafness and in extreme cases complete hearing loss.

Try minimizing the usage of your phones to lead a healthy, hearty and a longer life.