Now, 3D printed toothbrush tailor-made for your teeth


3D toothbrushNew York: A new 3D printed toothbrush that is tailor-made to fit an individual’s mouth has been developed. To brush teeth with ‘Blizzident’, all a person needs to do is bite down on it. While the user bites and grinds, a dense field of tailored bristles cleans all the teeth within 6 seconds, its makers claim.

The bristles resemble normal toothbrush bristles but are much finer and tapered to reach under the gumline better. To tailor the toothbrush for each individual, a 3D model of the teeth is created from a dental scan. The dental scan is used to create a computer aided design (CAD) model of the brush, which is converted into a 3D object using stereolithography, a method in which liquid plastic is cured into a shape with an ultraviolet laser. The bristles are then attached to this object.

The biting motion when using Blizzident, achieves the effect of the Modified Bass technique (in which the brush is positioned at a 45-degree angle to the teeth roots and brushed back and forth), and the Fones technique (in which the brush is held at right angles to the teeth and brushed in large circles), the Blizzident makers say. The tailor-made toothbrush costs USD 299. PTI