One in six employees falls asleep at desk: Study


employees-falls-asleep-at-dNew York: Tired at work and desperately looking for a corner to take a quick nap? You are not alone – as a new research reveals that one in six workers falls asleep at the desk at least once a week.

The results of a survey of 1,140 office-going US citizens found that 76 percent of the workers felt tired almost every day of the week, while 30 percent of the employees were unhappy or very unhappy with the quality or quantity of their sleep.

“Showing up to work sleep-deprived can be the equivalent of showing up to work intoxicated,” said Jennifer Turgiss, director of Virgin Pulse Institute that conducted the survey. Virgin Pulse is an employee wellness company based in Massachusetts.

According to the survey, 15 percent say they fall asleep in the office at least once a week. About 30 percent of the workers say they are not happy with the amount of sleep they get. At home, some 72 percent said their partner kept them awake while 69 percent blamed unwanted noise, the survey added.

Nearly 40 percent said their mattress was too uncomfortable to sleep well. “Employees who don’t sleep well have poorer concentration, poorer decision-making abilities, are significantly less able to cope with stressful situations, and are more likely to make unhealthy choices,” Turgiss was quoted as saying.

A well-rested workforce is critical to a company’s success, he noted.