Not skinny frame, women want athletic figure


women-want-athletic-figureLondon: Size zero is taken over by athletic figure and women are tailoring their diet plans to achieve the healthy body shape, reveals a poll.

According to a poll commissioned by leading health and fitness website to track how women would like to transform their bodies in 2014, it showed that most women do not desire the body of a supermodel but instead would like an athletic and toned shape.

More than half of women said their primary objective was to achieve a sustainable, healthy body shape with the body of a “strictly come dancing” dancer being the most popular body type to achieve, reports a website.

Closely behind was the body of an athlete, with the figure of a supermodel coming low down the list at five percent. The shape of a glamour model, meanwhile, was the least popular body type, attracting just three percent of the votes.

“We commissioned this survey to find out more about the dieting trends we can expect to see in 2014.  It’s great to see that the majority of women we spoke to are striving for a healthy, sustainable figure. This perhaps suggests that attitudes towards a skinny ‘size zero’ frame have changed over time and that objectives in terms of body shape and size are today far more realistic than those which women had in previous years,” said Matt Morgan of