Vitamin C For Abortion: Methods To Try At Home


papaya-For-AbortionDid you know that Vitamin C is good to terminate an unwanted pregnancy at home. It is not only a safe option for desperate women who are in a mess but also an option for women who are not ready to start a family. Vitamin C is one of the safe ways to terminate an unplanned pregnancy, because of its high elements that induce heat in the uterus.

Abortion is one of the most difficult and painful periods of a woman’s life and it is very uncertain that a child has to go through this inhumane form of life. However, unlike the most rudest ways to terminating your child, you can look at these so called better ways to get rid of a pregnancy with the help of Vitamin C.

There are some abortion methods to try at home with the help of Vitamin C foods. Did you know that it is also a healthier form of an abortion as it helps to weaken the bond between the egg and the wall of the uterus not causing too much of harm.

WANT TO ABORT NATURALLY? Here Are The Herbs Which Will Help

Boldsky, shares with you some of the ways in which Vitamin C for abortion is a safer method to try at home. Take a look at some of these Vitamin C foods for abortion that you can now safely try. Note: You need to increase your vitamin C intake but it is advisable to not take more than 6,000 mg per day.

A bunch of parsley to make a tea is necessary to terminate an unplanned pregnancy. Drink it a few times on a day to day basis. You could also take a bunch of fresh parsley and then insert it directly into your vaginal cavity. Doing this will help get the cervix prepared for release of the foetus.

This is one of the most preferred Vitamin C foods for abortion to try at home. Cinnamon can help induce miscarriages and help stop the pain because it’s an abortificient that will cause uterine stimulation when you take the right dosage.

Young Pineapple fruit can potentially be used to launch a late period. Therefore, pregnant women are prohibited to consume young pineapple as it can cause a miscarriage.

One of the high source Vitamin C foods for abortion to try at home is papaya. It is said that the papaya seeds can terminate a 4 week pregnancy naturally.

Heat induced foods is jaggery. It is also rich in Vitamin C which is naturally safe for a pregnant woman to consume to terminate the pregnancy.

Sugar Cane
Sugar cane is not only rich in Vitamin C but also a heat induce food which helps to contract the uterus causing a miscarriage. Therefore, it is a safe Vitamin C food for abortion to try at home.

Groundnut Seeds
Not many have heard of groundnut seeds helping to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Consume a handful of these seeds to get rid of an early pregnancy.

Sesame Seeds
These seeds help to contract the uterus in an early stage of pregnancy, thus causing a miscarriage. Therefore it is a high source of Vitamin C food for abortion to try at home.