Workout Clothes: When to Save and When to Splurge


Trendy-Yoga-ClothesWhat you wear to the gym is likely to play a role in determining how you feel while you’re working out. But when it comes to spending money on workout clothes, how do you determine what’s worth it, and what’s not? Below I’ve got tips on how to save a little wardrobe cash—as well as where you should spend the extra money.

Trendy Yoga Clothes

You don’t need the biggest name in yoga clothes to perfect your Downward-Facing Dog pose. Old NavyExternal Site and Dancewear SolutionsExternal Site offer a range of affordable yoga clothing. Keep your eye out for clearance items in department stores—they might have just what you need to hit the mat.


There’s no need to buy pricey T-shirts when you can spruce up ones you already have lying around. There are plenty of fun online tutorials for transforming old shirts into workout wear. Check out this DIY racerback workout shirt tutorialExternal Site on, for instance.


They’re all the rage, and comfortable when working out. But you don’t need to break the bank on name brands or high fashion in order to keep the sweat out of your eyes. For stylish and affordable sweatbands ($15-18), check out Sweaty BandsExternal Site.



Good shoes just make good sense. Go with higher-quality shoes tailored to your activity level and type of workout. Cross-trainers might be the right choice if you’re involved in a variety of sports, or if you’re serious about one, choose the shoe that can maximize that workout. Consider going to a shoe store with a treadmill that analyzes your gait so you can get just the right shoe for your stride and foot shape.


They’re a small splurge, but great socks can make fitness more comfortable and more effective. I like Nike’s Dri-FIT Elite Cushion No-Show Running SocksExternal Site ($14) for a treat for your feet.

Sports Bras

If you’ve ever worked out or gone running with a less-than-great sports bra, you know how important high-quality support can be. You’ll want to go with the best sports bras you can find—ones with good support and fit. Check out the Endurance Racer ($52) from Moving ComfortExternal Site, for instance. Sure, they boast a high price tag, but being pain-free during your workout will likely make it worth every penny.