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Title :Adda (2013)
Star Cast : Sushanth, Shanvi…
Director : Sai Karthik
Producer : Nagasusheela, Chintalapudi Srinivasa Rao
Genre : Romance – Drama
Music : Anoop Rubens
Release Date : August 15, 2013.

Adda Live Updates Tweet Review:

—– FINALLY FILM ENDS —– Adda Movie Full Review will be updated  in a short while from Now..

12:40 pm: Film heading to climax with Endhuko song.

12:30 pm: Little sentiment is added into the film now.

12:20 pm: Guy comedy is looking vulgar folks, one more unconvincing fight scene.

12:15 pm: 
Shweta Bhardwaj Hay Oolala item song is good, especially her dance and hot moves are treat to watch.

12:10 pm: Abhi plans to make Priya fall in his love are nice and very genuine.

12:00 pm: Raghubabu evoking few laughs in the hall, pug dog and love logic clicked well.

11:55 am: Film rolling on dry note with comedy scenes floating without any connection.

11:45 am: Here comes Enduke Enduke song and Abhi pleasing acts are looking odd.

11:40 am: Second half started with one love philosophy of abhi.

**********– INTERVAL –**********

11:24 am: Not so intresting interval bang.

11:15 am: Hay Mister Hay Mister pub song dropped in, Shanvi proving her dance skills and Sushanth trying to match dance steps

11:05 am: Line’s  written for Abhi to express his love to Priya are touching.

11:00 am: Gay comedy scene between Josh Ravi and Thagubothu Ramesh is not funny this time.

10:55 am: Oh Baby Oh Baby I Love U song drops in, OMG Shanvi is very sexy in the song and in this beautiful song all you see is hero kissing heroine.

10:50 am: Zero chemistry between Abhi [Sushanth] and Priya [Shanvi].

10:35 am: First fight broke out and it looked unnatural but Fish Venkat brought few laughs in the hall.

10:28 am: Adda title track comes in with Sushanth trying  hard to dance but there is no grace in any dance movement.

10:23 am: Priya [Shanvi] gave a beautiful entry as fashion designer and villian  Dev Gill looked formal in his introduction.

10:20 am: Sushanth made a bright entry and his character is filmed smartly.

10:15 am: Film CBFC certificate  ‘A’ rating and 147 minutes runtime,  Titles started rolling in a simple way with ADDA title track in background

10:10 am: Good Morning, Happy Independence Day to one and all, here starts Exclusive Tweets of ADDA movie.

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Sushanth is testing his fortunes at the Box Office with the film ‘Adda’. The movie has been directed by G.Karthik Reddy and Shanvi is the heroine. Chintalapudi Srinivas and Akkineni Nagasuseela produced this film. The movie is crucial for Sushanth, as he has not had a big success in his career so far. Let us see if he has a chance with this movie.

Story :

Abhi (Sushanth) is a person who specializes in providing services for lovers as well as their parents. He has a special ability when it comes to creating rifts between lovers and his services are used by parents who are worried about the love lives of their kids. But when he wants to, he also helps lovers and gets them married. He charges a handsome fee for all this.
Priya (Shanvi) seeks the services of Abhi in order to disrupt her sister’s love life. She is worried about her father Patel (Nagineedu) and that is why she takes this step. Abhi helps Shanvi, but in the process, discovers that he has feelings for Priya.

But Priya is unable to reciprocate, as she feels Abhi is a guy without feelings and morals. She is also supposed to marry her bava (Dev Gill).

What happens in the end? Will Abhi succeed in winning Priya’s heart? That forms the story

Plus Points :

Sushant has improved a lot as an actor. He has good grace as a dancer. His costumes are quite stylish in the film. Shanvi looks very glamorous in the movie and she is a big asset for the film. Her costumes and skin show in songs will work in B and C centers.

Raghubabu entertains briefly. Jayaprakash Reddy makes a cameo appearance,but he manages to make people laugh with his typical slang and dialogue delivery. Dhanraj, Venu and Thagubothu Ramesh are ok.

There are some entertaining moments in the film,especially in the first 30 minutes or so after the interval. Some nice one liners will also work with youngsters and college students.

Some songs, like the one in the pub, have been shot well. A few songs have been shot in exotic foreign locales and they look quite grand on screen.

Shwetha Bharadwaj sizzles in her item number.

Minus Points :

The pre-climax episode and the climax sequences are irritating. They seem to go on and on forever. Because there is no depth in the plot, some of the scenes appear quite stale and cliched.
The director should have taken better care about the screenplay. The graph of the film keeps dipping at many places. The characterization of the hero should have been more comprehensive. The romantic track lacks chemistry.

Some good artists like Kota Srinivasa Rao, Tanikella Bharani and Nagineedu have been given very insignificant roles.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematographer Arun Kumar deserves special mention for his work. Visuals are rich and quite grand for a film of this budget. Anoop Rubens has come up with very good background music and his work is a big asset for the film. Editing is not up to the mark, especially in the second half.

Director Karthik Reddy has done a very ok job with this film. Better screenplay would have significantly helped the movie.

Verdict :

Compared to some of Sushant’s past films, ‘Adda’ is definitely a big improvement. The film has some nice moments but it is let down by a bad climax and slow pace towards the end. Overall, Adda ends up as an ok watch.

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