Chandamama Kathalu Review


Chandamama-Kathalu-Movie-ReviewTitle : Chandamama Kathalu (2014)
Star Cast : Manchu Laxmi , Krishnudu…
Director : Praveen Sattaru
Producers : Chanakya Bhooneti
Music Director: Mickey J Meyer
Released on : April 25, 2014

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Chandamama Kathalu Movie Review exclusively on TeluguNow.Com The most awaited flick involving a lot of different and realistic thoughts. Check out the review of Chandamama Kathalu

Story :

The movie revolves around the life of different characters and their happy and bitter experiences in life. The interconnection between all these different characters had been framed in perfection. The life of a super model, the plight of an adolescent girl in love, the love story of a middle class guy with a girl who plans to get settled with someone rich, the dream of a beggar, the misery of a software employee who doesn’t find a life partner, the life of a little girl suffering from cancer, the future of a 40+ woman who loses her husband and then gets to meet her college days lover and so on. It is a mixture of happiness, sorrow, ambitions, dreams, hatred, anger, humanity, innocence and love above all !!! What happens in these lives builds the entire story.

Analysis :

Chandamama Kathalu is a feel good movie that gives a relaxed feel by the end. However, one will get to taste a lot of similarities from various films. If that weren’t the case, the movie would have been picture perfect. The effort can be appreciated but a little more genuine thoughts would have made it even better.

Performances :

Amani and Naresh : The chemistry between this duo is quite interesting but some little magic went missing.

Lakshmi Manchu : She was a perfect super model with poise and attitude. Her role was justified in a classy manner. Attires of Lakshmi were simply at it’s best.

Kishore :
Although his role was small, this man anyway proved that he is a versatile and seasoned actor.

Krishnudu : This chubby man added the essence of comedy into a film like Chandamama Kathalu.

Beggar : He hardly spoke a few words in the entire course of the film but he steals the heart of every person who watches the film for sure.

The rest of the crew did their job really well. When it comes to performances, each one tried to give their best.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography :
Cinematography of Chandamama Kathalu is simply flawless. Every shot in the film will give the audience a very soothing feel. Suresh Ragutu did do a great job.

Music :
Mickey J Meyar gave amazing scores for every story in the entire film. The songs are blended in the film and that throws a natural feel to the scene.

Direction : Praveen Sattaru can be congratulated for coming up with a different concept in the Telugu Film Industry. He did try to do something unique but the trails of other films did disturb the beauty of Chandamama Kathalu on the whole.

Turn On :

1. Lakshmi Manchu’s natural performance.

2. The beggar stole the show

3. Ashraf’s ( The middle class boy) role

Turn Off :

1. The pinch of other movies in a script like Chandamama Kathalu

Final Word :

Chandamama Kathalu will keep us entertained until the end, although there are some flaws that keeps popping in like a bubble here and there. Chandamama Kathalu is a feel good concept just meant for absolute relaxation.