Hate Story 2 Movie Review


hate-story-2-reviewMovie: Hate Story 2
Rating: 2/5
Star cast: Surveen Chawla, Sushant Singh, Jay Bhanushali, Siddharth Kher
Director: Vishal Pandya
Producers: Bhushan Kumar, Vikram Bhatt


Surveen Chawla and Jay Bhanushali are madly in love with each other and the duo exhibit some exotic love making in the first half until Sushant Singh makes his appearance. Sushant Singh, a powerful political leader plays the bad guy in the movie who also wants Surveen in his life and obviously, the fact that Surveen loves Jay does not go well with the arrogant antagonist.

Sushant along with his gang of goons grabs hold of the love birds and kills Jay before Surveen’s eyes and leaves the girl wounded, both physically and mentally. The second half of the film Hate Story 2 brings out the hate element in the movie when Surveen comes up to take her revenge. To know whether Surveen succeeds in doing so or Sushant proves fatal, you have to watch the film.


Surveen Chawla wasn’t bad. Though I hated, loathed the film almost, the actress did a decent job at her work. Now you can’t expect Rani Mukerji’s reaction from Laaga Chunari Mein Daag or Tabu’s from Chandni Baar, but she does a passable job in what was expected of her.

Boldness wise, Paoli Dam’s quotient from the last stint was better. The seductive gasping orgasmic voice could have been toned down obviously but Chawla is as good as the role she bagged.

Jay Bhanushali barely had anything to in the film. As the puppy eyed spirit, he looks rather funny, he was mostly a misfit in the role. His chemistry with Surveen wasn’t spectacular either!

Sushant Singh is the only saving grace in the film. He puts his acting skills to good use and topples what is expected of him. The little power the film had was because of him.

Technical Departments:

Vishal Pandya’s work has deteriorated. The most powerful scenes lack connect. At the point where Surveen is assaulting one of the murderers for brutally killing Jay, tying him down on the chair, doesn’t quite connect to you. It remains dull instead of being painful and angst ridden. This is kind of discrepancy that exists between what the film should have been and what it turned out to be.

The only credit I give to the movie was its lucid and crisp packaging that helped in drawing audiences on its first day. Alas! They will all return disappointed as they don’t even get half of what they had asked for. The film’s music wasn’t brilliant and given that it was a lackluster story even the rehashed scenes were misfits.

Plus Points:

Let’s start with the performances. There is no doubt about the fact that Sushant Singh is a brilliant actor. He steals the show in every scene, and the movie reaches a particular level only because of his act. Jay Bhanushali did not have much scope in the film to showcase his talent.

Surveen is a good addition in a bad movie. The actress has done a good job with her act and provides the necessary oomph factor in the film. The movie belongs to Surveen and Sushant, and only their scenes and confrontations are executed well.

Minus Points:

It’s high time that a few filmmakers of Bollywood make peace with the fact that erotica doesn’t always help movies turn out to be a hit at the box-office.

Even though the story is good, due to its bad execution, the film gets illogical at one point and the viewer’s fail to understand, why Surveen can’t actually walk out of all the problems she has been facing.

After a hell lot of minuses, even if you want to watch the film because of its erotica, then let me kill that for you. The chemistry between Surveen and Jay lacks the essential heat. The two fail to create the so-called amatory environment needed for the audiences to stay glued to their seats.


Apart from Surveen’s skin show in the film, the methods of killing the antagonists surely adds to the thrill. Although, the first version Hate Story also had a similar plot of revenge, Hate Story 2 directed by debutant director Vishal Pandya makes a good attempt to offer a fine thriller. However, there are a couple of loop holes like some of the scenes seem abruptly ended while, some others badly lacked in logic.

While, Surveen with some hot skin-show and thrilling revengeful actions steals the maximum limelight, Jay did justice to whatever he had to offer in the film. Sushant Singh on the other hand as the bad man is impressive. Apart from a good storyline, the film Hate Story 2 also has some fine melodies and the revised song ‘Aaj phir tumpe’ sung by Arijit Singh and Samira Koppikar is a real pleasure to the ears.

Although, Sunny Leone’s item song ‘Pink Lips’ apparently is a forced element in the film, Sunny’s moves will delight her fans.

Final Word:

On the whole, HATE STORY-2 is a riveting saga of a woman’s vendetta against the man who wronged her. Additionally, the combo of skin show and melodious music add tremendous value to the project. This film has the potential to woo the masses and the youth, thus springing a big surprise at the ticket window!