Jaffa Telugu Movie Review


jaffa-telugu-movie-review-ratingMovie :Jaffa (2013)
Cast   : Brahmanandam, Shravan , Ali , Vennela Kishore , Fish Venkat
Director: Vennela Kishore
Producer: Ramesh Varma
Releasing on : 29 March 2013
Jaffa  Telugu Movie Written and Directed by Vennela Kishore, produced by Ramesh Varma, Music by Sunil Kashyap. Starring Brahmanandam in Main Role, Shravan as a police officer, Ali, Fish Venkat. Distributed by Kiran Studios Pvt Ltd. Jaffa Movie Releasing on March 29, 2013.


Jaffa [Brahmanandam] is a software employee by profession, who leads life with all kinds of problems which a common software person faces on daily bases. His life gets screws up bcoz of Sujith [DhanRaj], his co-employee and he lands in jail. Jaffa is taken to a spl jail named ‘kavadiguda’, where prisoners who are given death sentence are taken care. Jaffa before coming to this jail holds record of escaping from other jails 24 times. Why Jaffa goes to jail? Did he escape from kavadigud jail or not? has to be seen on silver screen.

Star Performances

Comedy king Brahmanandam has once again gave his best in this flick. In few scenes you will feel like Brahmi sliding into overacting mode but he bounces back with trade mark one line punch dialogues. Brahmi has tried to single shoulder the film but falls short to keep audiences stick to their seat for more than two hours. Venella Kishore will entertain you for little time with his natural acting. Ali as investigate officer couldn’t bring laughs in the hall, lot of clarity is missing in his character. Dhan Raj, Venu, Venu Madhav, Raghu Babu, Fish Venkat come in and move out like a passing cloud.

Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Venella Kishore has failed to a large extent in presenting a comedy film to Telugu audiences, even though having biggest comedian Brahmi as his lead hero. Kishore showed he has writing skills by framing few one liner punch dialogues here & there but overall screenplay, direction and story has screwed up entire film. Anoop Rubens background score sounded not so bad. Cinematography by Raja looked below average and usage of 5D cannon had backfired completely here. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao editing did not match to his standards of Nandi award, he could have chopped the film a bit. Production values are very poor.

Jaffa Review & Analysis:

What Is Good: Brahmi comedy, Few comedy episodes, Countable funny one line punch dialogues
What Is Bad: Direction, Screenplay, Editing, No commercial elements, Poor production values
Boring Scenes: There are many scenes most of them in second half
Watch It Or Not ?: You will become JAFFA after watching this flick

Brahmanandam playing a lead role after decades, using his trade mark name ‘Jaffa’ as title for the film. Venella Kishore professionally comedian but who entered film industry with ambition of becoming director.

Trailers of the movie going viral overnight bcoz of funny content in it, there were huge expectations on the film, let’s see what Jaffa has in stock for audiences. First half of the movie has 40 minutes runtime and all you could see is Brahmi over shading remaining comedians till interval card drops in. There are few comedy episodes which make tickle your funny bone and countable quick funny one liners that’s entertains you.

Episodes like Brahmi being interrogated by polices, Brahmi frustration on his boss, Brahmi spreading knowledge to other prisoners are filmed well. Second half is where the slow narration, unimpressive screenplay and taste of dad direction come into the game spoiling the film.

You have to drill deep inside out of irritation, why many logic less scenes showers from nowhere in to the movie. Cinematic liberalities should also have bounders so that common audiences won’t go dumbstruck. Phone conversions of Brahmi inside a coffin is only fun element till end title card pops in. Overall film looks like a documentary movie rather than a feature film made on Brahmi .

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