Kevvu Keka Movie Review

kevvu-keka-reviewMovie :Kevvu Keka (2013)
Star Cast : Allari Naresh, Sharmila Mandre, Ali…
Director : Devi Prasad
Producer : Boppana Chandra Sekhar
Genre : Comedy – Romance
Music : Chinni Charan
Release Date : July 19, 2013.

Multi talented hero Allari Naresh (Buchibabu) starrer upcoming movie is “Kevvu Keka” this is a comedy entertainer movie in which, Allari Naresh and Sharmila Mandre are playing the main lead roles. After Blade Babji movie director Devi Prasad working with Allari Naresh for this film. Boppana Chandra Sekhar producing this movie. Chinni Charan composed music for this movie.


The story is about Money Money Money…. Going into the details, Bhuchi Raju [Allari Naresh] is working in Kalamandir showroom, one fine day Mahi [Sharmilea] came for shopping in Kalamandir. After seeing her Bhuchi Raju [Allari Naresh] falls in love with Mahi. Mahi is the daughter of the richest person in the city; he is none other than Subba Rao [MS Narayana who is hungry for money keeps looking for grooms who is richer than him for her daughter. One fine day Naresh went to Mahi’s house and asked Subba Rao for her daughter to marry. But Subba Rao refuses to give his daughter to Bhuchi Raju. The main reason for the rejection of his proposal is, Bhuchi Raju is a poor fellow.

In this situation Bhuchi Raju challenges Subba Rao that he will earn more money than Subba Rao within Six months and marry Mahi. Here is a twist in the story that Bhuchi Raju’s Mama Magician Abracadabra Apparao [Krishna Bhagavan] , told that his father got cheated by Gottam Gopala Krishna [Ashish Vidyarthi] in the past by stealing their money and enjoying life in Bangkok with Bhuchi Raju’s father property. By listening these words Bhuchi Raju fly to Bangkok to get back his father’s money from Ashish Vidyarthi. Did Naresh bring back his money from Ashish Vidyarthi? Has to be seen on the big screen.


The comedy in the movie is ok.

Allari Naresh’s acting is good in some situations.

Mahi’s performed well.


This is a routine story.

The direction should be better.

Songs in this movie are too bad to see too bad to listen.

The script of the movie is very slow.

Final Words:

Overall it’s not a Allari Naresh’s brand movie, it’s a waste of time and waste of money one time watchable movie without any expectations, All over the audience in the theater will feel bore while watching the movie.


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