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Movie: Ko Antey Koti
Banner:     Sarvaa Arts
Cast:    Sharwanand,Priya Anand, Sri Hari..
Director:     Anish Yohan Kuruvilla
Producer:     Sharwanand
Music :     Shakti Kanth
Cinematography:    Erukulla Rakesh, Naveen Yadav
Release Date:   December 28, 2012

Ko Antey Koti Movie was submitted for censor formalities today and obtained A certificate due to the violence content and some dialogues. With this movie is all set to release world wide on 28th December. US prints are being dispatched by 4 am Emirate air lines.


Updated at 01:09 PM

Movie done, wait for the complete movie review

Updated at 01:05 PM

Climax on, heavy fight sequences on

Updated at 12:59 PM

Movie heading towards climax

Updated at 12:55 PM

Priya Anand also involved in the action sequences ,twist slowly revealed

Updated at 12:48 PM

yet another twist in the tale,movie heading towards some interesting scen

Updated at 12:40 PM

a full on romantic song varla vaana currently on sizzling chemistry between hero and herione

Updated at 12:36 PM

Sudden Twist and Movie moves on flash back mode

Updated at 12:29 PM

unexpected twist in the story

Updated at 12:25 PM

interesting robbery scenes on

Updated at 12:19 PM

Post interval, Sharvanand group head towards the actually robbery

Updated at 12:15 AM

Sharvanand, Srihari set for the robbery ,interval time

Updated at 11:59 AM

interesting scenes between Srihari and Sharvanand,film heading towards interval

Updated at 11:45 AM

Finaly Sharvanand forms his team and plan big Robbery

Updated at 11:37 AM

Movie moves back in time and police chasing scenes on

Updated at 11:27 AM

Some romantic scenes between Sharwanand and Priya Anand going on and aagi po kalama song currently on

Updated at 11:20 AM

Sharvanand see Priya anand in Train and the Movie moves into a Flashback

Updated at 11:13 AM

Priya Anand Makes an Entry as Satya

Updated at 11:10 AM

Srihari ,Sharvanand join hands and form a team with two other funny characters

Updated at 10:57 AM

Srihari,Sharvanand both meet in jail and plan something big

Updated at 10:53 AM

Srihari makes an entry as Maya master ,a professional Theif

Updated at 10:50 AM

The Movie has just Started and Sharvanand makes a simple entry

Updated at 10:45 AM

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