Ko Ante Koti Review


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Movie: Ko Antey Koti
Banner:     Sarvaa Arts
Cast:    Sharwanand,Priya Anand, Sri Hari..
Director:     Anish Yohan Kuruvilla
Producer:     Sharwanand
Music :     Shakti Kanth
Cinematography:    Erukulla Rakesh, Naveen Yadav
Release Date:   December 28, 2012

Ko Antey Koti Movie Cast: Sharwanand and Priyan Anand acted in lead roles. Srihari played an important role in the movie. Ko Antey Koti directed by Anish Yohan Kuruvilla and movie is produced by Sharwanand under his own production house Sarvaa Arts.

Ko Antey Koti Movie was submitted for censor formalities today and obtained A certificate due to the violence content and some dialogues. With this movie is all set to release world wide on 28th December. US prints are being dispatched by 4 am Emirate air lines.

Here are some of Ko ante koti movie dialogues

“Naku evaru chepaledhu manchi vadila bathakalani,Bathakadame kastamainappudu bongulodhi manchodenti chaddodenti elagaina bathikeyali anthey”

“Bathakalante balupundali babai adi na daggara chala undi”

“Poyetappudu punyam cheyadam pedda buthu ra”

Story :

Maya Master(Sri Hari) is an small time thief, who is sick of doing small robberies. He decides to attempt a mega robbery and then retire with the money. He plans an ambitious heist, but needs an effective team to pull it off. He picks Vamsi(Sharwnand) and two other goons to pull off the robbery.

All of them form a gang, and start planning for the big day. They take every precaution necessary and successfully pull off the robbery. But once the heist is done, a key member back stabs the rest of the group.

Who is that person ? Who are the victims? Who survives this game? That forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points :

Sri Hari, is undoubtedly the major highlight of the movie. He looks raw and suits his role perfectly. He has many shades to portray and does it with a lot of ease. He is exceptional in the robbery episode and also during the climax.

Sharwanand once again proves what a talented actor he is. He needs a special mention for choosing a different story line and also delivers a mature performance. He is very good in intense scenes and also shares decent screen chemistry with Priya Anand.

The twists and the suspense elements are good to watch. Priya Anand looks cute and does her part well. Some romantic episodes between the lead pair and one song looks good. The whole movie has a realistic feel.

Minus Points :

Ko Antey Koti, which has an interesting story line, disappoints mainly because of weak execution. The entire first half lacks focus and narration is vague. Pace is slow and things become clear only after the interval.

Some scenes and characters lack clarity. Since the whole movie is about a robbery, the robbery scene should have been interesting. But it has not been shot thrillingly.

The excitement and thrill needed for a thriller is missing in Ko Antey Koti.

The motive behind the back stabbing has not been justified effectively. Some scenes in the second half involving the lead pair have been dragged out excessively.

Technical Aspects :

Cinematography is realistic. Music of the film is good . Screen play lacks grip and this is where the film falters. Dialogues are decent and apt for the characters.

Editing of the movie is OK. Anish Kuruvilla has done an average job with this film. He had a very interesting story line but has faltered with the execution. Action sequences look good.

Verdict :

Ko Antey Koti, which could have been a decent thriller, is seriously let down by poor execution. Super performances by Sri Hari and Sharwanand are sure shot plus points. On the flip side, lack of thrilling moments,bad character justification and a weak first half are major let downs. Finally, Ko Antey Koti is just a below average treat.


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