Mere Dad Ki Maruti Review


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Release date: 15th March 2013
Starring: Ram Kapoor, Saqib Saleem, Rhea Chakraborty
Director : Ashima Chibber
Producer : Yash Raj Films
Music Director : Sachin Gupta
Rating : 3/5

YashRaj films have always been associated with very interesting scripts and big films. Continuing with the trend, YRF has taken over the distribution rights of this new comedy caper titled ‘Mere Dad Ki Maruti’ which stars the very talented Ram Kapoor and new comers Saqib Saleem and Rhea Chakraborthy. The movie finally released today and let’s read up to know more about it.


The movie is set in Chandigarh where Sameer (Saqib Saleem) is a happy-go-lucky collegian who always ends up in trouble thanks to his mischievous behavior. He is quite scared of his dad (Ram Kapoor) who is very strict by nature. Sameer also has a huge crush on his college sweet heart Jazleen (Rhea Chakraborthy) and never misses an opportunity to woo her. One fine day, he finally manages to ask Jazleen out on a date and promises to pick her up in the evening.

To make a good impression on his crush, Sameer decides to take his dad’s brand new Maruti Ertiga car which was bought for his sister’s upcoming wedding. Sameer manages to sneak out in the car without anyone noticing and has a good time with Jazleen. However, on his way back, a strange incident occurs and Sameer manages to lose the car. The rest of the film is about how Sameer manages not only his angry father but also gets the lost car back.

Plus Points:

The story of the film is quite interesting and is spread across two days in the film. Debutant Saqib Saleem makes an impressive debut in the role of Sameer. Ram Kapoor looks perfect in the role of an angry father and literally brings a lot of weight to the film. Prabal Punjabi, who plays the hero’s sidekick, does an awesome job in the movie. He is the sole comic relief in the film and is quite brilliant with the Hinglish slang.

Lead actress Rhea Chakraborthy, who is also a debutante, plays her part well and neatly supports the main lead. The whole film emphasizes on the story rather than the performances. The flow of the film is swift and the first half is quite interesting.

Minus Points:

Though, Mere Dad Ki Maruti has an interesting story, the whole film could have been scripted more tightly. Just when you settle down thinking that the movie is going good till a point, it suddenly loses steam. It is more like a roller coaster ride where one good scene is followed by a bad one.

Ravi Kissan’s role has no substance and has been wasted in the film. Some of the situations and their logic are not so convincing. Many cinematic liberties have been taken to make the film more commercial which in turn make the film less interesting at times.

Technical Analysis:

Mere Dad Ki Maruti is technically very strong with the technical aspects being taken care off. The songs of the movie, especially ‘Punjabia Di Battery’ are quite good and the impressive background score keeps you engrossed throughout. Dialogues need a special mention as some witty one-liners have been written well.

The cinematography and art-direction is very good and showcases a typical Punjabi household extremely well. The overall look of the movie is apt with locations in Chandigarh used brilliantly. Screenplay of the movie is good for most parts, but falters towards the end. Director Ashima Chibber completes the film in a short running time and narrates the whole story in a disciplined way. The director captures the friendship between the hero and his friend exceptionally well.


Overall, Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a film with its shares of highs and lows. A simple storyline and a smooth flow of the film are sure shot plus points. On the flip side, a weak starcast and some stretched out scenes might go against the film. Finally, Mere Dad Ki Maruti is a safe car in which you can go out for a ride once!