Om 3D First Day First Show Live Updates


Kalyan Ram's Om 3D Live Updates


Updated at 10.40 AM

Climax… Review will follow folks..

Updated at 10.35 AM

Betrayal!! Hero faces some unexpected circumstances…

Updated at 10.21 AM

One more twist in the story.. Sentimental scenes are on..

Updated at 10.17 AM

Again, a fight breaks out.. Kalyan Ram is bashing up the bad guys…

Updated at 10.09 AM

Romantic track between Kalyan Ram and Kriti is building up….

Updated at 10.01 AM

The pub song ‘Right Now’ is on… Shot on Kalyan Ram and Nikeesha Patel..

Updated at 09.57 AM

A car chase sequence and a violent confrontation…there are too many action episodes in the film…

Updated at 09.50 AM

Time for yet another fight… Kalyan Ram is being seen in two different avatars..unexpected twist in the story…good one… Intermission now…

Updated at 09.40 AM

One more fight breaks out… Family rivalries are dominating the story… Rao Ramesh is entertaining viewers with Srikakulam accent

Updated at 09.30 AM

Time for the song ‘Holi Holi’.. As the name implies, a holi song shot on the entire family

Updated at 09.25 AM

Nikeesha Patel comes in as Rhea, Ahuti Prasad’s daughter… Kriti is Anjali… Kalyan Ram is Arjun…

Updated at 09.17 AM

Time for the first song ‘Cheliya’.. Shot on Kalyan Ram and Kriti… 3D effects are decent…

Updated at 09.11 AM

Kriti Kharbandha makes a glamorous entry as the heroine… Veteran actress Sitara comes in as Kalyan Ram’s mother..

Updated at 09.09 AM

Ahuthi Prasad, Rao Ramesh, suresh and other character actors make an entry..

Updated at 09.04 AM

The story moves into flashback mode.. Veteran actor Karthik comes into the film.. A big gunfight is on

Updated at 09.02 AM

Kalyan Ram has just been introduced into the movie

Updated at 09.00 AM

Hello Folks.. We are bringing you live updates from Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s 3D action film ‘OM’

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