Pelli Pustakam Moive Review


Pellipusthakam-2013-ReviewTitle : Pelli Pustakam (2013)
Star Cast : Rahul Ravindran, Niti …..
Director : Ramakrishna
Producer : B. Nagi Reddy , B V Gopal , P Suman
Genre : Romance
Music : Sekhar Chandra
Releasing on : July 12, 2013.

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Satyam [Nagi Reddy] is head of a joint family. His family follows an old tradition from age’s i.e every member in their family should get married inside the same family. Taking this tradition forward Satyam makes his grandson Rahul [Rahul Ravindran] and granddaughter Niti [Niti Taylor] get married, playing a smart idea. Bcoz of forcible marriage Rahul-Niti even staying inside same roof doesn’t behave like wife and husband. With passing time Rahul gets attracted towards Niti and falls in love with her. But Niti loves his classmate Cherry.  What did Rahul do to win Niti’s heart? Did Niti fall in love with Rahul? Has to be seen on silver screen.

Pelli Pustakam 2013 Review: StarPerformances

Rahul Ravindran has showed better acting skills in this flick when compared to his first film. He performed well in sentimental scenes but fall short completely in doing comedy scenes. Niti Taylor did not show much variation in her acting and similar to her earlier movie, but she poured glam show in beach show. This is more like an indication to producers that Niti is also ready for skin show if script demands for it. Nagi Reddy did complete justice to the character given to him. Rest of the characters did not act much to give any mention.

Pelli Pustakam 2013 Review: Direction, Music & Technical Aspects

Lack of experience in the direction department from director Ramakrishna can be sensed in every frame in Pelli Pustakam. Ramakrishna has failed in choosing a good story, inking interesting screenplay and direction. Jawahar Reddy cinematographer looks alright. Marthand K Venkatesth did not use his scissors even a bit and there are many unwanted scenes which can be edited. Shekar Chandrta songs sounded well off screen but onscreen it lacked the music and his BGS was normal too. Prouction values looked ok.

Pelli Pustakam 2013 Review: Analysis

Reading Pelli pustakam title anyone will recollect Bapu- Rajendra Prasad classic film but 2013 Pelli pustakam movie has completely screwed its good-well in every department and it never reach to its standards for a second. Director from starting frame to end cards could’t covey the actual point what he wanted to say to audiences and even in a tension of adding commercial points, he spoiled the film.

Screenplays of Pelli pustakam is very predictable and in second half overdose of double meaning dialogues will irritate one and all. There are plenty of uncountable scenes which will keep you eagerly waiting to leave the cinema hall. Only one person got beneficial from this flick, he is Rahul Ravindran, it turned out as medium to show his acting skills and survey few more years in Tollywood.

Bottom Line : Save your time and money skipping this flick