Pelli Pustakam Music Review


Pelli-Pustakam-ReviewPelli Pustakam Music Director – Sekhar Chandra

Pelli Pustakam Lyricists – Krishna Geetha, Vanamali, Kasarla Shyam, Srimani, Deepthy Sayonara

Pelli Pustakam Singers – Sekhar Chandra, Venu Sri Rangam, Vadla Konda Anil Kumar, Sandeep, Sri Soumya, Deepthi Nayanora

Pelli Pustakam song 1 – Life Is All About

Music director Sekhar Chandra has sung this song and Krishna Geetha has inked beautiful English lyrics.  Sekhar Chandra voice sounded fresh and its soothing music will grab your attention at first instant. Even though a bit song it sounded pleasant.

Pelli Pustakam song 2 – Mamanthr Kurise

Vanamali had penned amusing lyrics to this song. Venu Sri Rangam voice sounded appealing to smooth romantic feel of the track. One of the best slow songs I have heard and enjoyed recently. This song is deadly slow poison and you will get addicted to soon.

Pelli Pustakam song 3 – Pilla Nee Soku

Here comes the awaited mass song in this album and Pelli Pustakam sounds entertaining. Vadla Konda Anil Kumar natural mass appealing voice and Kasarla Shyam lyrics mass flavor touch made the song stand out-standing. Without any doubt its sure shot hit in B, C centers and even class audiences will enjoy the song. Kudos to music director for giving this track.

Pelli Pustakam song 4 – Cheli Cheli Ee Vedi

Lyricist Srimani gave nice romantic lines to this song. Both the singers Sandeep and Sri Soumya complemented each other and brought the required romantic feel to the song. Sekhar Chandra smooth music and spl flute touch did magic in the song.

Pelli Pustakam song 5 – Meme Girls Of X Gen

Deepthi Nayanora has written has given lyrics and sung the song too. To be frank this is OK OK kind of song throughout the album. It’s a total girly song but music director Sekhar Chandra music saved it from going to worst and stand as average.

Pelli Pustakam Songs Analysis

Pelli Pustakam songs are REFRESHING and music director Sekhar Chandra has did fantastic job.