Pranam Kosam Movie Review


Pranam Kosam Movie ReveiwPranam Kosam Movie Review


Story line:

Three unknown people will be trying to kill a normal guy who is in love with a girl, is its entire subject.


Dileepan (Auto Driver) is lovable son to his parents. This guy has got one and only habit i.e. loving Anjali. Apart from that, he is really good in each and every aspect. Dileepan follows Anjali all the time to express his love when she is on her way to Spoken English classes. One day, he discloses his love to Anjali where she goes on her way saying her opinion in such a way that it confuses him a lot. Then later, he will continue to follow her in order to know about her response towards his love and her behavior swept him to a dilemma. Then suddenly, there is an attack on Dileepan at that instance. Coming to the flash back, Mirchi Sampath is a Villain; puts grudge on Dileepan about a particular incident took place in his past life. And later, Dileepan will be attacked by his friend this time and the reason for this attempt must be watched on the screen. Eventually, a jeweler also tries to hurt Dileepan. What’s going on and why Dileepan has been facing ambush from these people?

What did he do to them?

How did he solve this problem?

What happened at last, are the most interesting scenes we need to watch on the screen.


This film ‘Pranam Kosam’ was translated from a Tamil film ‘Vatthi Kuchhi’. A. R. Murugadoss and Fox star studios brought this project starring Dileepan, brother of A.R. Murugadoss for the first time. Director P. Kinson had done well in making this project with standard output but, its little harder to mingle with the Telugu audience with such kind of taste. Action sequences were framed exact to the story but looking alike without any proportions that reflect dullness. On top of these, hero’s introduction was focused in major cases apart from maintaining sync to the subject. Anjali’s role is not so necessary in this project other than just for padding; it looked pretty good. Editing and screenplay is really nice and added an essence to the subject. Anyhow, this film withstands in Tamil because of its nature else, faces tough time in other lands.

Plus points:

  • Production houses
  • Action sequences
  • Love scenes

Minus points:

  • No special care taken by the Producers on its Telugu translation

Our line:

Now-a-days, we are very much worried about few Telugu films coming out and besides, these kinds of Tamil projects may develop this agony instead of curing. Directors and Producers must concentrate on this mode.