Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing Movie Review, Rating


Pusthakamlo-Konni-Pageelu-Missing-ReviewMovie: Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing (2013)
Star Cast:
Srinivas, Supraja
Sohail Ansari,
Sajid Qureshi

Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing ReviewStory

Vijay Kumar [Sree] is a regular software employee who is habituated to hear the shunting of his MD and obviously has a beautiful girlfriend Sandhya [Supraja]. Before two days of Vijay’s marriage with Sandhya, for time-pass he plays a cricket match with his friends. During the cricket match Vijay in process of taking a catch falls down and hurts his head. Here comes the twist in the tail bcoz of head injury Vijay forgets what happened in one year of his life, including his love Sandhya and his marriage which has to take place in two days. Rest of the story is formed how his friends Saleem [Mast Ali], Shiva [Rahul Mani], Balaji [Sathish] help Vijay to recover from his memory loss and how they sustain the ongoing situations starting from vijay’s reception to wedding.

Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing ReviewStarPerformances

Sree has given full justice to the character of a memory loss patient but in few scenes he over reacted. In terms of acting he has improved when compared to his previous films and boy door next look of Sree didn’t click this time. Comedian Mast Ali who is popular as Saleem Pheku in The Angrez is only best thing in this movie. He entrains with his Hyderabadi slang Hindi and his Telugu will make you laugh loud, his comic timing is perfect in comedy scenes.

Sathish and Rahual Mani who played friend roles of hero, their performances were neat. Raghu Babu as doctor evoked few laughs. Sandhya who played lead role hardly has five minutes screen time, two scenes and in those scenes too she was shown with over makeup.Rest of the characters has nothing much to mention.

Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing ReviewDirection, Music & Technical Aspects

Sajid Qureshi’s direction, screenplay are very week and this has sunk the movie. Gunvanth music sounded alright and his BGS sounded fine at few places. Cinematography of I Martin Jo is just ok but the slow motion scene in the first half is good. Eidtor Mohan could have crisped few scenes, there are many unnecessary scenes which could has chopped off. Production values looked ok ok.

Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing ReviewAnalysis

How on earth does the director and makers of Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing have felt that with a single point of memory loss they will pull off two hours plus feature film? These kinds of subjects will definitely click as short films but not full length films. For single point subject films a racy screenplay, entertaining comedy, tap footing music or a star cast is needed and Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing lacks everything which a film should possess. One rating is given to this film only bcoz of few comedy episodes like reception scene, hospital scenes and actor Mast Ali comedy.

What Is Good: Comedian Mast Ali , Few comedy episodes

What Is Bad: All most everything

Boring Scenes: Uncountable

Bottom Line : Feel free to MISS this flick.

Pusthakamlo Konni Pageelu Missing Movie Live Updates:

12: 30pm: Finally hero married heroine, One tablet brought memory back to hero.

12: 20 pm: Director created little curiosity at marriage scene.

12: 12 pm: Reception scene of Hero and Heroine is funny. Especially over makeup of heroine is very funny.

12: 04 pm: Atlast Heroine comes in and she looks ugly with her over make-up.

11:58 am: Till now Heroine haven’t come. Stitutional comedy is not working out well.

11: 55 am:
Band Baaja Item song comes in from nowhere and tummy girl dancing in the song looks like a B-Grade flick one.

11: 50 am: Needed comedy is not flowing in the movie even though director is pulling it off with few comic scenes

11: 40 am: Episode of Vijay Friends trying to bring him out of general hospital looked comic.

11: 32 am: OMG don’t know how long director will pull this one point of memory loss.

INTERVEL : Thank God interval card has dropped in for relief.

11: 14 am: Nothing interesting is rolling on and on top of it a sentiment theme is added into film.

11: 03 am: Saleem Pheku comedy is funny especially his hyderabadi slang Hindi and Telugu.

10: 57 am: Raghubabu evokes few laughs as doctor.

10: 55 am: Saradaga Nalluguru song pops in which explains the memory loss of Vijay in comic song way.

10: 45 am: Sree acting dum, indicating his memory loss is repeating a single dialogue is looking very irritating.

10: 40 am: Four adults fighting like kids to bat in cricket is looking very odd, A slow motion scene is shot nicely.

10: 35 am:
Vijay [Sree] and his friends are trying to bring laughs and Saleem Pheku of Angraze film is surprise to see.

10: 30 am: Film takes off with the song ‘Yevadana Vasthe Ranee’ song and titles rolling in background, which looked not so bad start.

10: 25 am: As Expected not even 20 people are there in the hall folks.

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