Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah Review


Thirumanam-Ennum-NikkahFilm: Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah
Rating: 2/5
Starring: Jai, Nazriya Nazim
Director: Aneesh
Producer: Ascar V Ravichandran
Banner: Aascar Film Pvt.LTD
Music: M. Ghibran

Romantic dramas, where lovers change their names and identities are common factors in Tamil cinema. Debut director Anees has tried to portray a familiar romantic drama concept with  religious backdrop, does he succeed in it? Read on to know….

Jai (Raghavachari) and Nazriya(Priya) are born and brought up in a traditional brahmin family, they happened to board a train by changing their names to Abu Bakkar and Ayesha respectively.Jai changes his name because of unavailability of ticket while Nazriya disguises herself as her Muslim friend for an official project.

During their journey a stereotypical baddie captures Nazriya in unflattering angles and Jai helps Nazriya in the much needed situation, later the duo develop a liking for each other. As both of them introduced to each other as Muslims, they begin to learn about Muslim traditions and Jai opts for an extreme level by reaching out to a Muslim guru and to his misfortune the guru’s daughter falls in love for Jai. When Jai and Nazriya came to know that they faked themselves for love, the relationship bitters and they called off the marriage. Does the duo join hands again? How Jai solves the enmity of the Muslim family forms the crux of the story…

As you are reading the plot, this story could have been a successful candy floss drama if it is directed by any experienced director. Being, a debutant Anees’s narration looks amateurish and most of the scenes in the first half doesn’t evoke any interest. The characterization and scenes looks dull for a romantic drama, also the director has stereotyped Brahmins families. At least after films like Kalyana Samayal Saadham, directors should change their point of view on Brahmins. On the flip side the second half of the film is having some interesting moments, Anees has brilliantly told the Islam tradition, probably this is the first time a Tamil film  portrayed Muslim traditions in the most authenticate manner.

Soon after the Islam episode, the film again filled with many non-interesting episodes and a stretched climax with an unnecessary action sequence. Though the film’s running time is just 130 minutes, the soulless screenplay and characterization make Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah as a tiring watch.

Discussing about the performances, though Nazriya looks cute in every given scenes and Jai is good at his comic timing the whole screenplay and scenes looks amateurish that their performances couldn’t save the sinking ship. The actor who played as Jai’s Muslim guru has done his part well and the second lead Heeba Patel is a promising find, her expressions in Chillendra song is quite good.

Technically the film is filled lot of abrupt cuts, the cinematography is quite good but the real saving grace of the movie is Ghibran’s music. Songs like Chillendra Chillendra, Kannukul Pothi Vaithen are great asset for the movie, the director indeed filmed these songs well.

Overall, Anees had a good story line in Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah but the film lacks soul and the director has failed to create the much needed impact with his screenplay.