Vijay`s Anna Movie Review


anna-review-ratingMoive :Anna (2013)
Star Cast : Vijay, Amala Paul…
Director : Vijay A L
Producer : Kasi Viswanadham
Genre : Action – Romance
Music : G V Prakash Kumar
Releasing on : August 09, 2013.

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Anna Preview:

Tamil super star Vijay and beautiful actress Amala Paul starrer upcoming movie is Anna. This movie is going to be released on 9th Of August.Anna is the remake movie of Tamil movie Thalaivaa.

Vijay proved his talent with his excellent acting in telugu with the movie of Thupaaki. This tamil remake movie anna is directed by vijay under the production of b. kasi viswanath.amala paul was pairedup with vijay in this movie. For amala paul this is the movie in telugu after iddaru ammayilatho. This film got good response from public for its first look.G.v. prakash scored music to this filim.G.v. prakash is one of the best music director in giving melody tunes. The total run time to this filim is 185 minutes. This movie is an action oriented movie . vijay’s action is an added advantage to this film.


The movie begins with 1988 background , where a south Indian community is attacked by Marathi community at Bandra/Darawi to quit Bombay/Mumbai. SatyaRaj turns ‘Anna’ (savior) to save people and handovers his son to Nasser who moves to Australia

Vijay is a professional dancer in Australia , His entry as dance competitor under a dance group, Accidentally Amala Paul meets Vijay and joins his dance group and stages the competition to win the show ,which leads to their love. He travels to Mumbai to meet his father (Sathyaraj) along with Amala Paul and his Father In law (Suresh) to fix his marriage.

Vijaya understands that his father is in trouble and leaves a shock message to Suresh and Amala Paul. Satyaraj tries to meet Suresh & Amala Paul to lighten his son’s love interest, which makes a twist to interval. The Twist is Suresh and Amala Paul are Crime branch Police officers who map Sathyaraj through Vijay in the name of love and marriage.

Sathyaraj gets arrested and on his way back to Police station, he is torched inside the Vehicle, which leads Vijay to take his father position in course of time. He finally ends the Villain with a Twist(:D)


Vijay’s character in the film goes through two phases, one as typical lover; other as leader. He is good as lover with his usual charm, dance & romance. But he is brilliant as leader. Unlike his previous films Anna don’t have much action scenes. Less action and more acting. Amala Paul gives extra sheen. She gets a role to prove her talent and she more than lives up to the expectations. She is super confident and registered a strong impact. Her dancing skills and expressions are her added benefits. However her role is limited in the second half. Santhanam has once again proved that he is unbeatable in comedy zone. Satyaraj is truly outstanding in ANNA character. Ragini Nandwani is gorgeous in small role. Abhimanyu Singh is ok. Nasar is wasted.


Music by GV Prakash in the film is a letdown and the placement of songs are wrong, Action part is also not impressive, Cinematography is average , Nirav Shah’s camera failed to capture the content. Screenplay is good,editing is good.


Anna’s story may sound predictable resembles Kamal Hassan’s Nayakudu, Most of the scenes are copied from Nayakudu and Vijay tried to enact as Rajini in Basha. But film is filled with many twists and turns, Two great suspense, one just before the interval and one just at the right time, climax The run time of the film is almost 3 hours. First half is fast paced with romance, dance, funny scenes like Chemistry between Santhanam- Amalapaul is glorified better than Vijay-Amalapaul in the movie and second half is good with twits and revenge drama. Overall, Anna can be watched one time.

ANNA Moive Review Followed by Live Updates…

02:15pm: A surprise attack by bheema kills most reliable people around Vishwa… aska Vishwa to come and get his relative… time to wrap up the things.

2:09pm: Super hit track from Anna single king is nicely shot on vijay and santhanam.

01:49pm: But things turn around when bheema includes Vishwa in religionalism issue.

01:41pm: Vishwa ki father ledu, manodiki thoduga god father la undam anukuntunna – Santhanam continues to tickle the funny bones.

01:34pm: Bheema bhai plans to work on religionalism issues of Maharastrians.. but the things get uncontrollable before Vishwa reaches there.

01:24pm: Champadaniki maaku kaaranam mathrame undi, neeku haku undi – Vijay.

01:22pm: Its time to grand welcome of Ramurthy’s son Vishwa.. with Dalapathy Dalapathy theme song.

01:18pm: Nayakathvam anedi manam korukunte vachedi kadhu janam korukunte vachedi.. Lawyer to Vishwa on his release.

01:17pm: Meera changing local station tactics to escape Vijay from the jail, nice strategy.

01:11pm: Daravi people backing up Vishwa is the best scene till now post interval.

01:07pm: Bhadra gang attack on Vishwa to finish Ramurthy family leadership in Daravi.

01:04pm: Mana valla padi mandi bagupadali nashanam ayipovadu.

01:01pm: Post interval Bhadra takes over his Ramurthy’s business in Mumbai.


12:44pm: Till interval movie starts off with a routine narration but things build up fine just before interval.

12:36pm: Okasari kathi pattaka okati chavali leka champali – Ramurthy.

12:30pm: Vijay due to some reasons returns to Mumbai, sees ahuge planning and security behind his father. The build up is the best part of the movie till now.

12:25pm: Vishwa(Vijay) final theme dance makes Telugu Boys win the Title.

12:21pm: Due to a minor accident Meera undergoes hairline fracture, but she is included final list of the dance competition which is in few days.

12:12pm: Avathali vadi ayyudaniki, Ayuda pooja cheyadam thappu bro.. – Santhanam to Vijay in reference to his love. 

12:11pm: Ye maay jaruguthundi song is nicely picturized Ilayathalapathy and Amala Paul. Free style and Thap steps by Vijay good.

12:08pm: Meera’s fake husband video is more or less like a find to Sampoornesh Babu in Tamil.

11:55am: Resturant opening scene is funny santhanam starts his punch liners.

11:52am: Meera(Amala Paul) daughter of resturant owner in Australia meets Vishwa in miscontrue way.

11:39am: Vishwa(Vijay) head of dance group telugu boys.. promising introduction song on Vishwa “Superboys acha telugu abbayi” telugu makers should have worked on vocals and mixing of this song.

11:35am: Manam oka danilo adugupedithe gelichetherali – Ramurthy to Vishwa.

11:32am: Ramurthy(Satyaraj) runs parallel government in Mumbai to serve the justice to poor in Daravi, Mumbai.

11:29am: Titles with revolutionary thinkers pics is nice attempt by director Vijay.

11:27am: So, Ramurthy leaves his one and only Visha(Vijay) with Nasser to save him from Badra gang.

11:25am: Ramurthy[Satyaraj] a labour at Mumbai harbour. Turns Veda bhai to support telugu people in harbour from Bhadra(Local Goon) bhai.

11:19am: Thanks to Priyadarshan, Maniratnam and RGV – L Vijay.

11:17am: Anna ‘U’ certified 179 minutes movie.


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