What The Fish Movie Review


What_The_FishDimple Kapadia, the beautiful diva of her time, is back with a comic caper in the form of the quirkily titled ‘What The Fish’. Directed by Gurmeet Singh, this movie also stars Manjot Singh, Anand Tiwari and Manu Rishi in other lead roles and the promos have created quite a bit of curiosity about the movie. Let’s read on to see whether ‘What The Fish’ lives up to its expectations.


Sudha Mishra (Dimple Kapadia) is a gruesome maasi (aunt) who lives alone in the Vasant Kunj area of Delhi and she hates everyone in the world except for her pet fish Mishti. Also a cleanliness and neatness freak, Sudha faces a difficult situation when she has to leave her house and go to US for a month.

Sudha hands over the responsibility of her house and her fish to her young niece and her fiancé. As expected, as soon as the maasi leaves, the niece’s fiancé carelessly lets out the house to his friends. The entry of varied characters in the house leads to huge chaos and the brunt of all this chaos is borne by Sudha’s pet fish and her beloved money plant.

What happens when Sudha returns back to her house? Does she find out about her fish? The answers to all these questions is what the rest of ‘What The Fish’ is all about.

Positive Points:

Director Gurmeet Singh comes up with a novel concept which hasn’t been shown on screen before.

Speaking of performances, Dimple Kapadia is absolutely brilliant in her portrayal as a monstrous Massi and it was a treat to watch the talented actress grace the screens after so long.

Overall, the humor quotient is just about OK and is limited to a few scenes.

Negative points:

The worst thing about the movie is its screenplay and corny writing. Even though the film’s opening sequences keeps the viewers engaged initially, you will know exactly what is going to happen in a few minutes into the film. The Screenplay is extremely predictable and amateurish.

The rest of the starcast is quite bad and does not create any impact while the second half of the film is just plain boring and messed up. The run-time of the film is also too long and after a point, the viewers lose interest in in the film.

Technical Aspects:

Gurmeet Singh’s direction is the biggest flaw of the movie. Even though he comes up with a good concept, the execution is a misfire while the writing is even worse.

There is hardly any song in the movie that you will remember after leaving the theatre. The dialogues and the jokes specifically are absolutely disappointing.


Overall, ‘What The Fish’ is a novel concept that goes wrong completely as the execution, starcast and a predictable story line makes this film hugely boring. Ignore this flick this weekend.

Bollywood3 Rating : 1.5/5