Jackpot Movie Review (Sunny Leone)


Jackpot1After making a successful entry in Bollywood with the Bhatt film ‘Jism 2’, Sunny Leone has managed to sign quite a few Hindi films. The Kaizad Gustad directed thriller ‘Jackpot’ is her second release and the film stars the legendary Naseeruddin Shah and Sachin Joshi in other lead roles. ‘Jackpot’ has released today and let’s read on to know how the film is.


Boss (Naseeruddin Shah) is a notorious businessman in Goa who owns a few casinos. A group of con artists including Fernandez (Sachin Joshi) and Maya (Sunny Leone) who work for the casino plan to con Boss during a poker game and win the elusive Jackpot.

The con artists plan everything well and manage to win the Jackpot only to later find out that they have in turn been conned by Boss. The rest of the story is as to how every character in the film outsmarts each other and finally gets their hand on the Jackpot.

Positive Points:

Naseeruddin Shah is the only saving grace of this film as he is brilliant as the notorious business man and he single-handedly holds the film together whenever he appears on the screen.

The Goan backdrop in which the film is set is pretty interesting while the second half is where the film gains pace and the story begins to unveil.

Negative points:

Other than Naseeruddin Shah, the entire starcast is below average. If you go in expecting some raunchy scenes featuring Sunny Leone, then you will be cheated big time. Sachin Joshi looks quite odd for his character and his acting capabilities are definitely below par.

The concept and the way in which each character tries to con the other has not been showcased properly. The film is let down by some tedious narrative and the entire first half is confusing and takes forever to finish.

Technical Aspects:

The music of the film is just about OK while the romantic song by Sharib and Toshi is pretty good. The dialogues are mediocre and have no impact.

The camerawork in the film is pretty good as Goa has been showcased very beautifully. The screenplay of the film is a big minus and as mentioned earlier, many of scenes create a huge confusion.

Director Kaizad Gustad brings down his film with his horrible direction where he tries to shift the story back and forth in time, but ends making a mess of it.


Overall, Jackpot is one film which goes down completely thanks to some below-average execution. If you go in expecting a sultry Sunny Leone, then you will be cheated big time and so ignore this ‘Jackpot’ this weekend.


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