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What Is The Story Behind Current Shock In ‘Salaar’?

Rebel Star Prabhas and Prasanth Neel’s intense action drama ‘Salaar’ is all set to hit the big screens on 22nd December. There are high expectations on this film and fans of Prabhas are eagerly waiting for it ever since it was announced. They are hoping that it will become a blockbuster and bring happiness after a long time.

Everybody is predicting a hit this time as the two trailers which arrived till date raised the hype to a whole new level. The huge elevations promised the audience a mass extravaganza. In the meanwhile, there are lot of fan theories that are circulating across the social media platforms. Fans, memers and trollers are guessing the story of the film through the trailers.

In the release trailer, we see a child holding an electric wire with left hand. He gets a current shock and people are weaving a story that it increases the strength of Prabhas which is why Prabhas’ left hand was established so many times in the trailer. They are going to an extent claiming that his left hand will have super powers as well.

These theories are all over social media. In the same way, actress Eeshwari Rao is in both ‘Salaar’ and ‘KGF’. Her look is almost similar in both movies and people are predicting that Prasanth Neel will link both stories at some point while the director’s team is denying it completely. They claim that both films have different stories and were set in different worlds. Producer Vijay also condemned the news about ‘Salaar’ being a remake of ‘Ugram’.