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High Court Says Silence On Violence Against Women Should End!

We are living in a society where women and groups that fight for their rights are fighting for equal rights to have a balance. On the contrary, the attacks on women are increasing rapidly. The crime records say that these incidents are increasing with every passing year.

Rape incidents are increasing rapidly and the major share of attacks were committed by people who are known to the victims. Of late, we are hearing a big debate to make marital rape illegal and a punishable crime. Amid this, the High Court made some crucial comments.

The Gujarat High Court in a verdict said that rape is rape and it should be seen as an offense even if the husband commits it. The Court also cited the examples of other nations where marital rape is illegal and attracts big punishment.

Gujarat High Court Justice Divyesh Joshi in a verdict said that rape is a serious crime and silence around sexual violence against women in India should be broken and cannot be seen silently.
Dealing with the bail petition in a case where a wife was subjected to cruelty by her husband and in-laws. She was raped by her husband and her vidoes were uploaded on websites. The Judge rejected the bail petition and made these comments. Adding further the Judge said that the behaviors and attacks against women were normalised often which is not a good trend.

The High Court judge said that seeing the crime as a big issue is the need of the hour. The High Court cited the examples of nations like New Zealand, Canada, Israel, France, Sweden and others where marital rape is illegal. The Judge also said that we took many IPC sections from the United Kingdom and the same nation had lifted the exception given to husbands in such cases.