How Did Rhea Get Access To Mortuary?


The truth behind the death of Bollywood young talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput is not yet revealing. It is becoming like a chain reaction day by day.

It is evident that the supreme Court has given a green signal for the CBI probe in the case and asked the Maharshtra Government and Mumbai Police tobfully support CBI by providing the full proofs and evidences collected so far. Supreme Court also ordered Rhea to fully support the CBI investigation and not influence any one in her vicinity.

Now the CBI has approved Manoj Shashidhar, Joint Director of CBI who is an 1994 Gujarat acdre Officer as the Special Investigation Team lead to investigate the case.

Now as the SIT began its investigation, first and foremost they wanted to question the 5 doctors who have done the post mortem and moreover, they are in search of answers for why did Rhea enter the hospital and mortuary when she is not present at Sushant’s flat! CBI is just targetting the unanswered questions and wants to prevail Justice with their efforts.