Mega Brother Comments On Nepotism In Tollywood


Mega Brother Nagababu doesn’t seem to keep quiet even in this crisis times. Recently he rubbed off his idiotic idea on his Twitter handle by tweeting bout the Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godsey.

He has praised the patriotism of Nathuram and said that he stood by his values and went to kill Gandhi by all odds. No one dared to tell his point of view or version said this ever idle man from the Mega camp.

Now, the actor has completely donned the flag bearer for nepotism in Tollywood. Though their is no serious anti-wave regarding the topic, Naga Babu seems to get into limelight with his cheap style of publicity. In this video he dragged the name of Nandamuri stalwart Bala Krishna and said that Bala Krishna has survived with his pure talent and not on Just his father NTR’s name!

He said that mega family actors Bunny, Charan,Varun and Niharika have prepared well and got trained to be in the Industry rather than just the name of megastar Chiranjeevi!

The social media is not at all caring his words and few say that mega family denies opportunities for outsiders as stories stick to their compound where there is a cricket team of young actors who are majorly not graduated or well read and just trying to mint on the name of megastar!