Men And Women Are ‘Aliens’: Puri Jagannadh


Tollywood Mass Director Puri Jagannadh is very much known for his out and out mass commercial blockbusters. He made headlines these days with his dashing podcasts on Spotify titled ‘Puri Musings’ and discusses several issues.

In an episode titled ‘Aliens’ the maverick Director has made a open comment about men and women. He infact termed men and women as aliens as they come from other planets. He affirmed to respect aliens.

Puri said that though men and women are aliens they just unite only for hour in the night and live separate lives in the day. He asked all men listen to women aliens as they give good ideas and have better plans than the men! He hinted men not suffer and suppress women but just be happy with them with due respect as they make life easy. He advised to be cautious while speaking to women!

The same pod cast clips uploaded in his YouTube channel are just getting good number of views and people and fans are enjoying it. It is evident that many celebs like Allu Arjun liked and are fans of his podcasts!

Puri is busy filming ‘Fighter’ with happening star Vijay Deverakonda has yet again amassed followers for his podcast and is the only director to have such a great fan following for his words!