Samantha Sweats It Out At The Gym!


Samantha has been in the news from the past couple of days due to her collaboration with Upasana Konidela for the fitness website. She was the guest editor for this website and did a photoshoot which showcases her fitness and gym routines.

In one of the clicks, Samantha is seen lifting a dumbbell that weighs 10 kgs. She looks quite strong and fit in this photo which is a clear result of all the strenuous hours she spent in the gym. Being fit and healthy makes people look beautiful and the same goes for Samantha.

She is just stunning in the workout pose and the intensity is crystal clear on her face. With the tight gym wear that showcases her beauty in an amazing manner, Samantha is sure to give the current generation heroines a run for their money in terms of glamour. What do you think? Isn’t she ravishing in this fierce and strong look?